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Enter SOON it may close early. Friday events are optional since we will not have a coach there.

The SCSC meet is optional for swimmers going to Seattle but it is recommended that you swim at least one day.

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SAVE THE DATE! For our upcoming Host Meet being held at the University of California, Santa Cruz on Saturday, Feb 15th – Sunday, Feb 16th.


1) Required work hours will be earned while working at the mandatory meets- Senior Meet and CVALS. The Senior Open Meet over is normally held over President’s weekend in February, and CVALS is usually the first weekend in August. We’ll notify everyone of these dates as soon as they are locked in. Families will be needed in all areas that were mentioned and underlined above.

a) You are required to work half of your work hours at the Senior Meet and the other half at CVALS i) Beginner families are required to work a minimum of 4 hours at each of these meets ii) Junior/Pre-Senior/Senior families are required to work a minimum of 7 hours at each of these meets iii) You can trade hours with another family- you must communicate this to both Bobbi and Trish iv) You can pay someone else to complete your hours- you must communicate this to both Bobbi and Trish v) If you do not complete your minimum hours you will pay a $350 buyout fee subject to each mandatory meet- Senior Meet and CVALS


Posted by Aptos Cabrillo Swim Club at Apr 12, 2019 10:08AM PDT

Welcome to the Aptos Cabrillo Swim Club, ACSC THUNDER! We are one of 120 swim clubs that make up Pacific Swimming which is the third-largest regional association under our governing body, USA Swimming. All of our coaches are certified under USA Swimming and attend annual seminars and workshops geared towards age group and senior swimming.

ACSC’s mantra of “Building Strong Minds and Healthy Bodies in a Caring Environment,” requires hard work and discipline. Traits that support a healthy attitude whether you come in first or last in a race. Fortunately, one of the side effects of working hard is swimming fast and having fun! Each child develops at different rates, but we adults, coaches, and parents, can support this difference by following some basic recommendations below. Here at ACSC, we strive to develop conscientious swimmers that are contributors to our team and to the community as a whole.

Our team offers the following levels of instructions year-round: Swim Lessons, Pre-Competition, and Competitive team with practice locations at Simpkins Swim Center in Santa Cruz, Cabrillo College Pool in Aptos, and Aptos High School Pool.

For more information, contact our Head Coach and Program Director, Jim Triplett, at or at 831-688-3613